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In the face of rising cyber threats, Qatto API serves as your robust, user-friendly line of defense against domain TypoSquatting, a prevalent phishing technique that could jeopardize your business and customer trust.

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How It Works

Discover the Power of Qatto in Just Four Simple Steps!

Integrate the Qatto API
Integrating our API into your platform is effortless. Our developer-friendly documentation will guide you through the setup.
Register Your Domains
Qatto allows you to easily register various domain variations, reducing the risk of malicious actors exploiting similarities.
Monitor Similar Domains
Stay vigilant against potential "Typo Squatting" attacks and monitor domains that closely resemble yours.
Receive Event Notifications
Receive notifications when suspicious activities are detected on monitored domains, enabling you to take prompt action.
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Why Choose Qatto API?

Qatto API streamlines the process, making it simple to integrate domain monitoring and registration seamlessly into your existing systems.

  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Easy Integration
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Proactive Defense
  • Data Security
  • Detailed API Reference

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Trust Qatto API and keep your brand safe in an ever-evolving digital landscape.